Create immersive analytical and learning experiences
Empowering educators, trainers, and technical presenters in generating powerful web-content
Low Code Development Platform for Web-based Analysis
Cloud-based tool to create:
  • Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Infographics
Ideal for
  • Educators
  • Trainers
  • Analysts
  • Publishers
  • Consultants
  • web-content creators
Engage your audience with effective content and experiences
Do all this with little to no programming from any browser based machine, and without the help of IT staff
USolver Services
Hire Us
Utilize our team of educators, analysts, and programmers to craft your
  • web-based analytical content
  • Flash files to HTML5 conversion
  • e-Learning content
  • on-line Simulations
  • interactive documents
Hands-on Workshop
“Are your technical reporting and analysis keeping up with time?” Prepare your workforce to succeed in the era of Digital transformation”. You will learn how to migrate from static
  • spreadsheet and text-based analytical models into a web-based engaging models
  • charts and tables into interactive charts and tables
  • diagrams into highly interactive diagrams
  • textual document into dynamic documents
Let us help you transition to powerful web based digital solutions
Do not let traditional measures hold you back, the game is no longer the same. Embrace the current Cloud Technology to create and share your analytical findings.


Beam Analysis
Rent vs Buy
Data Visualization
Parallel Chart
Crude Oil Production
Scatter Matrix
Wave Interference
Nuclear Power Plant
Space Shuttle